our services

We provide a full insurance solution to clients across Australia and are renowned for taking on tough risks. We enjoy learning about our clients businesses, their industry, and helping them to best manage their risks.

Risk Assessment

Before we place insurance, we conduct a thorough risk assessment based on your specific circumstances.

This means we will take the time to understand your business and identify potential risks that you may wish to mitigate.

We regularly have clients expressing their gratitude for the insight and expertise we have provided, identifying risks that could have had grave consequences. Our focus is always on protecting your business and saving costs.

Ongoing Risk Advice

As your insurance Adviser, we will assess your business like it’s our own and can help you understand all the risks and the solutions required before making some business decisions.

Competitive Pricing

Our strong existing relationships allow us to negotiate excellent cover at highly competitive rates.

Policy Administration

We place your cover as instructed and as your adviser, we will be your one point of contact for all your policies. If something changes with your business (you purchase assets or open new premises), we can adjust your coverage with one phone call.

Claims Management

In the event that you need to make a claim, we will be by your side to help you through the claims process, which can be daunting if you try to navigate it on your own. Our years of experience in the industry gives us the insight we need to collaborate with insurance companies to get the best possible results with your claim.